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As you keep going on this amazing journey, there would be times when you need help and guidance. To give you a handy resource, check out these Top 10 websites for Internal Auditors. These websites contain essential guidance and keys to grow in your journey of being an amazing Internal Auditor.

Here they are:

1. The IIA website is your Go To website for finding standards, guidance notes, latest updates, upcoming seminars, books, newsletters and publications. This website will keep you informed and updated in the Profession. You can find your Local Chapter from here and stay connected with your local chapters updates on their site too!

2. Protiviti Knowledge Leader Internal Audit Community is a web-based internal auditing tool that will help you identify risks, develop best practices and add value to your organization. They give you internal audit tools, checklists, and templates as well as news and updates on the latest business risks and controls.

3. Internal Audit Pros provides virtual training, tools and articles for new and seasoned Internal Auditing staff. If "hands-on" experience was a website, it would be . They have web-based training, step by step guides, checklists, and templates to help Internal Auditors conduct each stage of the Internal Audit process with ease.

4. AuditNet® is an online digital network where auditors can share resources, tools, and experiences including audit work programs and other audit documentation. It also provides training opportunities in the areas of fraud detection and prevention, data analytics and using audit software.

5. ACCA Global website’s Internal Audit Page aims to provide support to members working in governance, risk, assurance, control and efficiency (GRACE).They have step by step guides, insights, bulletins and webinars to enrich the Internal Auditors.

6. The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors has a dedicated section on their website for new Auditors and you will find all that you need to kick start your journey. They have all relevant guidance, support and all technical information essential for an Auditor to know.

7. Audit Serve, Inc. is the Worldwide Connection for Audit, Security, and Sarbanes-Oxley Professionals. You can Go to the Audit Programs area for free audit programs, sign up for the free monthly Audit Vision e-mail newsletter and download a free Systems Software Reference Manual here.

8. ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) is a global leader of IT governance, control and assurance. It provides The Global Information Repository containing links to numerous topics like Net Centric Control and Security, IS Auditing, and Project Management. The Research section contains reports on various topics including e-commerce and digital signatures.

9. Internal Audit 360° brings internal audit news, analysis, insight, and ideas to forward-thinking internal auditors through our various types of content. It provides a platform for internal auditors to share ideas and resources and is hosts the Journal of Internal Audit, a quarterly periodical on advanced thinking in internal audit practices.

10. The ICAEW website’s Audit Resource Centre gives you an Access to the latest thinking on Internal Audit (IA), from the ICAEW and others from across the finance and auditing sector, as well as useful links to international IA standards and best-practice guidance.

You can always keep learning from your peers and the pioneers in the industry by accessing their insights and perspectives on latest trends and developments, I will leave you with a few sites of the industry leaders here PWC, KPMG , EY and Deloitte. Never forget – Sharpening your saw consistently makes you shine brighter always!

You have a world of enormous opportunities for you ahead, these tips will help you soar in your journey.

Keep coming back and check out our FREE Introduction to Internal Auditing Course to help you grow and become an Amazing Internal Auditor!


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