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Introduction to Internal Auditing

Complimentary Course | 1 hr 


Are you an aspiring or new Internal Auditor? This course will get you on the right track!

The purpose of this course is to help professionals who may know little to nothing about Internal Auditing to confidently understand and explain the definition of Internal Auditing and the role it plays for their company.


In this Internal Auditing course, you will learn:

- The definition of internal auditing Learn what internal auditing is and why audits are performed

- What Internal Auditors do Confidently and accurately explain to your audit clients and stakeholders what internal auditors do for the company

- Standards applicable to internal auditors - Understand what guidelines Internal Auditors follow

- Difference between internal and external auditors - Clearly distinguish between the roles of the internal and external auditors

- Stages of the Internal Audit Process -  Prepare your clients for their audit by explaining what to expect during the audit with ease

A Course Workbook is sent to each participant prior to the class. Upon completion of this course, each attendee will receive a completion certificate.

Blended Learning
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Image by Chris Montgomery
Pre-quiz is issued at registration and must be completed before the course.

Course Reviews

"Very informative and well presented."- Chris C.

"Knowledgeable presentation."- Anthony M.

"It gave me an additional insight about Internal Auditing."- Kenneth A.

"Practical presentation and references."- Danielle B.

"Relatable and practical."- Jared M.

"Use of examples and clear diagrams."- Albert M.

"The information provided was detailed and the presenter was able to provide information in a manner that shows she is experienced."- Colen M.

"It teaches the fundamental basics of Internal Auditing."- Nathaniel J.

"It's interactive. Not like a usual classroom activity."- Johnson O.

"It was my core subject hence I liked it the most."- Nimesh S.

"I like the way the facilitator presented the session in terms of life examples."- Yusuf M.

"It was simple and I was able to grasp key points based on visual aids presented."- Mary C.

"Clear and concise."- Lina R.

"I have understood the basic information about Internal Auditing in a way that I haven't realized before."- L. L. M.

"As a newbie in the field of internal auditing, it gave me the much needed introduction to the basics of internal auditing."- Mary Ann R.

"I liked the whole presentation and the explanation of concepts which was done in such an elaborate manner using images, diagrams, charts and tables. Really helped in comprehension of the subject. I also liked the audit questions because they helped in developing problem-solving skills and master the concepts. The illustrations were very elaborate."- Peter N.

For more information regarding refunds, concerns, and program cancellation policies, please contact us at 
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