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Adminstration Policy

AEES, LLC is committed to providing educational resources and tools for the internal auditing profession. We will follow these guidelines in the development of our training program.

As a CPE sponsor, we are committed to meeting specific CPE requirements of state licensing bodies, other governmental entities, membership associations, and other professional organizations or bodies where we provide services.

Our training is based on relevant learning objectives and outcomes that clearly articulate the professional competence that should be achieved by participants in the learning activities.

Our training is developed and executed in a manner consistent with specific prerequisite education, experience, and required advance preparation of participants. Each training description will clearly outline course pre-requisites. IA pros will employ activities, materials, and delivery systems that are current, accurate, and effectively designed. Course documentation will contain the most recent publication, revision, or review date.

Courses will be revised as soon as feasible following changes to relative codes, laws, rulings, decisions, interpretations, and so on. Courses in subjects that undergo frequent changes will be reviewed by a subject matter expert at least once a year to verify the currency of the content. Other courses will be reviewed at least every two years.

Licensed CPAs contribute to development of each course. We ensure that learning activities are reviewed by content reviewers other than those who developed the programs to assure that the program is accurate and current and addresses the stated learning objectives.

These reviews will occur before the first presentation of these materials and again after each significant revision of the CPE programs. The participation of at least one licensed CPA (in good standing and holding an active license or the equivalent of an “active” CPA license in a U.S. jurisdiction) is involved the development of every program.


QAS Self Study Program

IA Pros has expertise in Internal Auditing and is qualified to support an independent study program.


 • review, evaluate, approve, and sign the proposed independent study learning program, including agreeing in advance on the number of credits to be recommended upon successful completion.

 • obtain evidence program of completion by reviewing and signing a written report developed by the participant in independent study.

 • retain the necessary documentation as included in Standard No. 24 to satisfy regulation compliance.

Whether to have this individual involved during the development or the review process is at the CPE program sponsor’s discretion.

Record Retention Policy

We have adopted NASBA record retention guidelines.

We retain for five years:

  • Records of participation

  • Dates and locations of program offerings

  • Number of continuing professional education (CPE) credits earned by participants

  • Program descriptive materials

  • Results of program evaluations.

  • Records regarding the authors, developers, reviewer names and instructors and their respective credentials.

  • Records for auditing authors, reviewers and instructors regarding license number, status of license and state of licensure.

Refund Policy

We are providing online training purchased online by individuals  or organization. In the event that the company believes the course materials are not consistent with their understanding a refund of up to 50% of training fees is offered.

Program Cancellation Policy

We provides online training versus a public seminar environment. Cancellations by AEES,LLC would only occur due to health reasons, family emergencies or weather conditions. Cancellations by the client must occur at least 2 hours prior to the event, excluding cancellations caused by health, family emergencies and weather conditions.

Communication of cancellations by AEES, LLC would be initiated via a telephone text message and confirmed through an email.

Compliant Resolution Policy

Contact Rasheedah Ladd, CIA, MBA, Principal Consultant/Partner, at Applied Energy & Environmental Solutions, LLC at 702-551-3484

Course Update Policy

Courses are reviewed, at a minimum, on an annual basis by Ms. Ladd for required updates to course content or presentation. Training material will have the most recent publication, review or revision date. If critical issues or changes occur during the year, Ms. Ladd will assess the need to update the course material at the time of the change.\

Program Content Development

All program content is developed by Ms. Ladd, and Ms. Ladd will determine if the program knowledge of levels as basic, intermediate, advanced, overview or an update. The reviewer of course material is required to affirm the knowledge level as part of the review process. Each core curriculum descriptive materials will indicate the prerequisite education or experience necessary for the class including whether advance preparation is required.

Content and Delivery System

All instructors must be a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) or Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and have at least 5 years of experience in internal auditing.  

Content is Developed by a Subject Matter Expert

All course material is developed by Ms. Rasheedah Ladd, CIA, MBA and material will be reviewed by a subject matter expert. The individual will be a CPA and requisite experience in auditing, forensic accounting or fraud auditing. The review process will occur before the first presentation and again after all significant revisions.

For 6 years, Rasheedah "Undi" Ladd has been the Principal Consultant of Applied Energy & Environmental Solutions, LLC where she provides audit and assurance services and staff training to regulated companies worldwide. She has 11 years in corporate internal auditing and compliance for energy companies.


Rasheedah obtained a degree in Chemical Engineering from Vanderbilt University in 2003, and received an MBA in Finance from Clark Atlanta University Business School in 2011. She holds Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation with the Institute of Internal Auditors (CIA) and is knowledgeable on ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.


Her experience includes leading finance and compliance audits for U.S. electric and gas projects with budgets ranging from $140 Million to $1.8 Billion.  In her role in Internal Audit Pros, Rasheedah uses her professional and personal growth experiences to creatively engage and instruct new and aspiring auditors.  

Content is Based on Relevant Learning Objectives and Outcomes

The training courses are based on a core curriculum with each core curriculum containing learning objectives. The core curriculum starts with a description of course content. Each training event is designed by Ms.  Ladd in conjunction with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). The CPE hours provided are solely based on the hours described in the learning module. Each module concludes with practical exercises.


Specialized Knowledge - Auditing

Course material is not industry based.


Certificate of Completion

At the conclusion of the training, attendees will be provided a certificate of completion. Applied Energy & Environmental Solutions, LLC uses the same format provided as an example in the NASBA guidelines.


Evaluation of instructor’s performance

At the conclusion of each course, program sponsors will be requested to evaluate the instructor’s performance consistent with standard S14.01. Applied Energy & Environmental Solutions, LLC uses the same format as suggested in the NASBA guidelines.


Applied Energy & Environmental Solutions, LLC will perform an annual review of sponsor evaluations to ensure program effectiveness.

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