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Mindset of Effective Internal Auditors

How 5 Simple Internal Auditor Requirements Help You Succeed at Life

Group internet based

Live Class | 4 hrs 

Pre-quiz is issued at registration and must be completed before the course.

How do you gain respect when auditing employees who are the company experts at what they do?  Refine Your Internal Auditor Mindset.


This course will prepare you to position yourself as a valuable, respected auditor regardless of if you've had 1 year or 10 years of experience. You will learn how to apply these key skills during internal audits:

1. Persuasiveness - You will learn when it makes sense to be persuasive when auditing

2. Professional Skepticism - You will understand how to show professional skepticism

3. Assertiveness - You will learn how to assert yourself during an audit while maintaining good rapport with your clients

4. Relationship Building - You will learn the importance of Relationship Building, collaboration, and the hierarchy of communication

5. Inclusive Mindset - You will learn the impact unconscious bias can have on your audit work


Since I love to learn, I did well in school. I received a Degree from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from Clark Atlanta Business  School. Coming out of shyness was a problem for me well into my professional career.


I would have never thought I'd be the type of person to discuss business problems in meetings with executives of multi-billion dollar companies. 

Who would have thought!

While my qualifications and degrees got me in the door, I realized interpersonal skills are what would boost my career. I had to learn how to use my uniqueness to stand out as a valuable business asset to my employers and clients.  In this course, I will share How 5 Simple Internal Auditor Requirements Helped Me Succeed at Life. Using them, I learned how to impact my own mindset to become a more effective internal auditor and to succeed in other areas of my life as well.



Rasheedah Ladd, CIA


For more information regarding refunds, concerns, and program cancellation policies, please contact us at 702-551-3484.
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